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Benefits of sprouted raw foods

Sproting unlocks the dormant life forces in the seeds and the mild drying under 42°C preserv these. Here are some changes of the sprouted raw foods that can be measured in the lab:

Sprouted raw foods are easier to digest: The enzyme inhibitors present in all seeds can neutralize our own precious enzymes in the digestive tract. Sprouting neutralize these enzyme inhibitors from the seeds making them easier to digest. The phytic acid, a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc is neutralized during the sprouting. Also during sprouting a portion of the starch in grain is transformed into sugar and the aflatoxins, potent carcinogens found in grains, are inactivated.

Sprouted raw foods have increased values of vitamis C, B, caroten and enzyms:
Sprouting produces vitamin C, increase the vitamin B2, B5, and B6 content and the carotene up to eight times. During the germination process numerous enzymes that help digestion are produced.