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Sprouted Seeds and Flours, Raw

Sprouted Seeds and Flours, Raw
  Gluten Free Sprouted Seeds:
Alfalfa sprouts
Alfalfa sprouts flour
Broccoli sprouts
Brown Millet sprouts
Brown Millet sprouts flour
Buckwheat sprouts
Buckwheat sprouts flour
Oat Groats sprouts
Oat Groats sprouts flour
Oat Groats sprouts flakes
Rice sprouts
Rice sprouts flour
Sun Flower seeds sprouts

Gluten Free Activated Seeds:

Chia milled
Chickpeas sprouts
Flax seeds golden sprouts milled
Lentils, green, sprouts
Lentils, red, sprouts
Mung sprouts
Quinoa, white, sprouts
Quinoa, white, sprouts flour
Quinoa, red, sprouts
Quinoa, red, sprouts flour
Sesame, white, sprouts
Sesame, black, sprouts

Gluten sprouts, flakes, flours:
Rye sprouts
Sprouted rye flakes
Rye sprouts flour

Spelt sprouts
Sprouted spelt flakes
Spelt sprouts flour

Wheat sprouts
Sprouted wheat flakes
Wheat sprouts flour

By request we can also produce other sprouts.

Shelf life sprouts: 24 months
Shelf life flours and milled products: 12 months
Packaging: 20 kg bags, except 15 kg bags for sun flower seeds sprouts